February 2021
February 2021

Our Beers

Doc’s Blondie

A light crisp American blonde ale. Simple and refreshing. A light crisp American blonde ale is an alternative to American Style Lager. 
*5.1%  **IBU-15

Simple and refreshing!


Hop Along Casually 

A golden copper Cascade hopped IPA. Mild hoppiness and a subtle sweetness combine for a perfectly balanced, easy drinking IPA.

*6.3% **IBU 50

Buffalo Spit

Smooth and silky, pours a chocolate brown color. It has notes of caramel, chocolate and coffee which finishes with a nice coffee bitterness.

*5.4% **IBU 25

Grüner Baum

This cloudy German style unfiltered wheat beer is fantastic! Notes of banana and clove with a nice clean finish.

*4.2% **IBU 22

Mintery Knight

Chocolate and coffee are the stars here! Big notes of chocolate with a subtle hint of mint. A very drinkable beer.

*5.4% **IBU 25

River Bottom Red

A rusty red ale made with a copious amount of malt. This baby has an exceptional mouth feel and wonderfully diverse malt character.

*6.3% **IBU 25

C3 (Chocolate Cherry Coffee Stout)

Talk about dessert in a glass! This chocolate covered cherry stout is incredibly smooth and delicious.

*5.4% **IBU 25

Raspberry Hefeweizen

Big fruit notes! Tart and fruity, this hefeweizen is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day…or night..or whenever you want.

*5.0% **IBU 18

Mango Me Hoppy

One of our top sellers! This mango infused IPA packs a bold fruit flavor up front and finished with a clean IPA complexity.

*6.3% **IBU 45

Berry Barely Blonde

Blueberry, blackberry and black raspberry

*5.1% **IBU 15

Storm Chaser

Hopped with citra hops to give this a big, bold flavor in the dry hopped IPA. Golden red in color with a slightly bitter finish.

*6.3% **IBU 65

PB & Java

Peanut butter coffee stout. Seasonal. Not currently on tap.

*5.4% **IBU 25

Ceiling Zero

Hazy New England Style IPA



Specialty Brews

Ruby Horizon

Blood Orange IPA

Russian Ruckus Imperial Stout

Also available in Vanilla & Coconut

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