Our Beers

Doc’s Blondie

A light crisp American blonde ale. Simple and refreshing. A light crisp American blonde ale is an alternative to American Style Lager. 
*5.1%  **IBU-15

Simple and refreshing!


Hop Along Casually 

A golden copper Cascade hopped IPA. Mild hoppiness and a subtle sweetness combine for a perfectly balanced, easy drinking IPA.

*6.3% **IBU 50

Buffalo Spit

Smooth and silky, pours a chocolate brown color. It has notes of caramel, chocolate and coffee which finishes with a nice coffee bitterness.

*5.4% **IBU 25

Grüner Baum

This cloudy German style unfiltered wheat beer is fantastic! Notes of banana and clove with a nice clean finish.

*4.2% **IBU 22

Mintery Knight

Chocolate and coffee are the stars here! Big notes of chocolate with a subtle hint of mint. A very drinkable beer.

*5.4% **IBU 25

River Bottom Red

A rusty red ale made with a copious amount of malt. This baby has an exceptional mouth feel and wonderfully diverse malt character.

*6.3% **IBU 25

C3 (Chocolate Cherry Coffee Stout)

Talk about dessert in a glass! This chocolate covered cherry stout is incredibly smooth and delicious.

*5.4% **IBU 25

Raspberry Hefeweizen

Big fruit notes! Tart and fruity, this hefeweizen is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day…or night..or whenever you want.

*5.0% **IBU 18

Mango Me Hoppy

One of our top sellers! This mango infused IPA packs a bold fruit flavor up front and finished with a clean IPA complexity.

*6.3% **IBU 45


Inspired by the warm weather ahead of us, we created SÖMMERTIME. A crushable hazy pale ale that features two of Germany’s newer hops, Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Mellon. (Only 7.75 gallons of cask beer available)

Berry Barely Blonde

Blueberry, blackberry and black raspberry

*5.1% **IBU 15

Storm Chaser

Hopped with citra hops to give this a big, bold flavor in the dry hopped IPA. Golden red in color with a slightly bitter finish.

*6.3% **IBU 65

PB & Java

Peanut butter coffee stout.

*5.4% **IBU 25

Rojo Ho

Chocolate Red Ale.

*6.3% **IBU 25

Canadian Breakfast

It’s a breakfast delight. Smooth maple pecan stout that you can enjoy any time of day.

*5.4% **IBU 30