Our Beers

Doc’s Blondie

A light crisp American blonde ale. Simple and refreshing. A light crisp American blonde ale is an alternative to American Style Lager. 
*5.1%  **IBU-15

Simple and refreshing!


Hop Along Casually 

A golden copper Cascade hopped IPA. Mild hoppiness and a subtle sweetness combine for a perfectly balanced, easy drinking IPA.

*6.3% **IBU 50




The famous Green Elm Tree was also known as “Green Tree Hotel”.

The giant elm stood over 50 feet high, and its canopy was over 100 feet wide.

The “Green Tree”  was over two centuries old

before succumbing to Dutch Elm Disease in 1964.

The Green Tree was a gathering place for riverboat pilots

and provided shade and refuge for men coming to Le Claire in search of jobs on the riverboats.

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